file permision linux

I learned all this from the following url: http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_lts0090.php. Linux systems allow multiple user to access the machine at the same time. But, one user should not run something that can crash the system, or use another user's file. Hence there is a mechanism to manage file permission. We will learn the following commands chmod… Continue reading file permision linux


What’s the difference in Unix and Linux

Unix Unix OS was developed by Bell research. Now, they are commercially available. Unix supports POSIX [1] interface. MAC OS X for example is a UNIX operating system. However, most UNIX operating systems are considered as a complete operating system as everything come from a single source or vendor. That's why they are commercial. Unix… Continue reading What’s the difference in Unix and Linux


apt-get and apt-cache

apt-cache   apt-cache pkgnames apt-cache pkgnames 'first few letters' 'search' will also show a small description of what that package does apt-cache search pkgname Show will display more about the version and so on. apt-cache show rrdtool showpkg will also show dependencies apt-cache showpkg rrdtool apt-get update apt-get update Upgrade will upgrade all. apt-get upgrade… Continue reading apt-get and apt-cache