apt-get and apt-cache



apt-cache pkgnames

apt-cache pkgnames ‘first few letters’

‘search’ will also show a small description of what that package does

apt-cache search pkgname

Show will display more about the version and so on.

apt-cache show rrdtool

showpkg will also show dependencies

apt-cache showpkg rrdtool



apt-get update

Upgrade will upgrade all.

apt-get upgrade

Upgrade a package

apt-get upgrade packagename

apt-get install packageName --only-upgrade


apt-get install packagename

Install a specific version

apt-get install packagename=1.2.2


apt-get remove packagename

Completely remove with their configuration files

sudo apt-get purge packagename

Remove an installed package with its dependencies.

sudo apt-get autoremove mesosphere

Install multiple package

apt-get install package1 package2

Already install packages will not upgrade

apt-get install packageName --no-upgrade

Clean: frees the disk space by removing the already installed .deb files.

apt-get clean








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