TO MANAGE Digi Radio Frequency (RF) modules using GUI.

use: add user to usergroup ‘dialout’.

sudo usermod -a -G dialout

Logout, login back.

Download xctu.




  • enter cd /home/user/Downloads
  • enter chmod +x some-app.run
  • enter ./some-app.run


How to configure:

  1. Open xctu
  2. Connect zigbeestick.
  3. Click on Add devices (to add a radio module)
  4. Select a serial/usb port. It is showing USB after I connected the zigbeestick.
  5. Select it.

Now it appears in the xctu ‘radio modules’ tab:

Select it. Now click on the “Discover radio nodes in the same network” button. If there is any sensor in the same network add it.


Device (such as Zigbeestick) and sensors with same PAN-ID can talk to each other. It means, only sensors with same PAN-ID can be explored via the Device.

  • You can change the Node identifier if you want.
  • But, if you change PAN ID, it will not talk to the same Zigbeestick anymore. So, be careful.

If you want to give a new PAN ID:

  • then give it to sensor first. Save the profile before removing the sensor.
  • Then give the PAN ID to Device. Save the profile before removing.




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